Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blessings of Mara Upon Ye

okay, so that title totally made no sense to anyone who's not obsessed with Oblivion (as i am/was), but it makes sense to everyone who is. and even if you *are* obsessed with Oblivion, you're probably wondering how in the hell a RPG relates to crochet, but i'm getting to that.

first off, Oblivion is the fourth installation in the Elder Scrolls series. its a role playing game made by Bethesda for xbox 360 and its more or less pure awesome. in Oblivion there are some pretty awesomely named gods and goddesses and Mara is the goddess of benevolence. she gives her blessing to people who do good deeds, pray at her wayshrine (a little tiny uncharted place that you just have to stumble upon), etc etc, and her "blessing" is a pretty freakin sweet buff.

about.... ummmmmmm...... 6 weeks ago or so, i'm playing oblivion and michael says "honey, you have laundry to put away," cause my man is awesome like that and does laundry and just asks me to put my stuff away. i had the cord hooked up to my controller so it could charge and i put the foot of the recliner down and it grabs the cord and pulls the xbox off of the entertainment center. while my game is inside. and what do xbox 360 players know about what happens when this happens? 9 kinds of bad falls from the sky, directly onto your game. why? to save a little bit of money, microsoft decided they didnt want to put these little plastic/rubber footy things in the game tray to keep the disc safe if something like that happened. so michael comes in there and does his rescue 911 thing to try to save the disc. it was futile. *sigh*

well, i go to put away my laundry and then put on some warmer clothes and head off to the game shop where we got the game to see if they could fix it. i get there 15 minutes later and i walk in and tell the guy behind the counter (i'm pretty sure he's an assistant manager) "i really need you to be my hero today." he says "i'll try my best." so i show him my disc. he says "ive fixed worse." i said "oh, thank you. i'm so so so close to finishing this game and i'm pretty much obsessed with it so i cant lose it now." he said "you're not going to lose your game." :-D

so we stand there talking about the awesomeness that is oblivion (he has played the game 5 times and gotten his wife into it, too) and he's buffing, buffing, buffing, trying to get all the scratches out of the game. after about the 6th time buffing it, he goes to put it in the xbox to test it. nope. not working. tries to buff it 2 or 3 more times. nope. he asks the other guy (the store manager) "do we have any other copies of oblivion?" he said "no, not right now." the guy i'm talking to says "wait... i think someone traded one in today. i'm pretty sure they did. let me check." he returns about 3 minutes later with another copy of oblivion. yay! so i'm totally ready to whip out my wallet and buy this new (used) copy of oblivion and the takes it out of the case and puts it in my case and says "here you go. i remember when you came in and bought this. i helped you buy your 360. it wasnt that long ago." and it was true. he had helped us buy the 360 and it *wasnt* that long before... we bought it a couple of days before thanksgiving and this was in january. i thank him *profusely* and head home.

if you've ever played oblivion, you know about the monster-long load screens. if you've never played oblivion, i'm telling you now: the load screens are monster-long. if you're traveling from one city to another, you've got at least a 1 minute wait on your hands. are you walking through a door that goes from inside to outside (or vice-versa)? well just your luck, there's about 30 seconds there, if not more. so what did i do with my time spent sitting, waiting on load screens? i picked up a crochet hook and two strands of yarn: one in gray and one in cream.

yep. you got it. the model for the super-fast scarf was made for the guy at the game shop.

yesterday, we went to the game shop for our monthly free rental (another hook up from the same guy) and he was there. i finally got to give him his damn scarf. every time i went up there to give it to him, he wasnt there, but yesterday... finally! i told him "cause you were so super awesome and helped me out with my game and stuff, i made you something during the load screens." i showed it to him and he started laughing. i said "i know its almost too late to wear this now, but thats about 100 load screens worth of work, there." he said "oh, man, this is awesome." he started showing it to his co-workers and they were all pretty impressed. one guy said "dude, you should totally send that to Bethesda. they'd hang it on the wall or something!" he said "hell no! this is mine!" heh. awesome. :)

by that time, michael had picked out his free rental and we were ready to go. i told everyone in the shop goodbye and left. when we were driving away, i looked inside the shop and he still had the scarf thrown over his shoulder walking around with it. heh.

that made my day. probably made his, too. so that makes me wonder... who got mara's blessing yesterday? ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Super-fast Scarf

whoo! yay for first posts! for my inaugural post, i shall post a crochet pattern!

Super-fast Scarf

this scarf can be worked up in about 45 minutes, if you are so inclined/skilled.

for this scarf, you will need at least 4 ounces of worsted weight yarn in 2 different colors (for a total of 8 ounces) and a Q hook. i prefer boye hooks, but what you pick is up to you. for the sample scarf, i used red heart acrylic yarns in gray and cream.


Note: entire scarf is worked with 2 strands of yarn held together.

Chain 11

Row 1: starting in second ch. from hook, sc 1 in each ch to end. ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc 1 in each sc to end. ch 1, turn.

Rows 3-100: rpt row 2 until scarf is desired length and tie off.

seriously. thats it. you may want to do some light blocking on the ends to keep the corners from turning up, but otherwise, you're done. :) simple, huh?

ps. all these images are belonging to me, so if you don't want me in ur bases killin ur d00ds, don't take my images. kthxbai!